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ZNS, Radio Bahamas
810, 1240, and 1540 kHz AM

That's "Zed-N-S" -- the British pronounciation -- of course.
a/k/a ZNS Network Bahamas

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ZNS, Radio Bahamas a/k/a ZNS Network Bahamas

ZNS, one of the most popular pages in the South Florida Radio Pages web site, is the first to be moved to our new domain, Every page will be updated and debugged before moving, so it will take at least a few months.

Intro to ZNS, Radio Bahamas · ZNS Bahama-izes Playlist
What Does ZNS Stand For? · Bahamian AM BCB Radio Stations
More About DXing ZNS Radio · I'm A Long-Time ZNS Fan

Introduction to
ZNS, Radio Bahamas

That's "Zed-N-S" -- the British pronounciation -- of course.

Yes, you can easily hear Bahamian radio in Florida -- and beyond!! Click for Nassau, Bahamas Forecast

The Bahamas, an independent country (former British colony) is just east of the east coast of southeast Florida.

Nassau (on the island of New Providence) is due east of the northern keys; Freeport (on Grand Bahama Island) is east of Palm Beach County.

Comprised of many islands, the Bahamas are a popular tourist destination. Most of the cruises to the Bahamas originate in Miami or Fort Lauderdale (Port Everglades). This is a great way to visit the Bahamas!
Nelles Verlag Folded Map: Bermuda, Bahamas
Nelles Verlag Folded Map: Bermuda, Bahamas

ZNS, the Bahamian government-operated radio station, broadcasts on three AM broadcast band frequencies (per the table below), all of which can be easily heard in southern Florida.

ZNS is by far the easiest English-language non-US radio station to pick up in south Florida. It's so easy -- it's like picking up Canadian stations in the frozen northern US! But it should be challenging DX for folks elsewhere in the south!

ZNS carries local news and sports events, talk -- and even BBC news. In addition to local, religious, and Caribbean music, you can also hear oldies and jazz.

ZNS-2 now calls itself Inspiration 1240.

ZNS Bahama-izes Playlist

(January 2003) ... ZNS has announced "We have Bahama-ized our playlist so you can hear more Bahamian music."

That's great news! It'll make it more interesting than (or at least more different from) Miami radio stations.

That's what we like: more choices!

Note: Several south Florida stations have a Caribbean format, and many more have at least some Caribbean programming, as described the South Florida Radio Pages.. These pages are being updated and moved to this new site now.

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Bahamian AM BCB Radio Stations

More About DXing ZNS Radio
Call Frequency City, Island South Florida Radio History
ZNS-3 810 kHz Freeport, Grand Bahama
ZNS-2 1240 kHz Nassau, New Providence
(Nassau is the capital of the Bahamas.)
ZNS-1 1540 kHz
This page is part of
the South Florida Radio Pages

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More About DXing ZNS Radio

Whether you can pick up one or more ZNS stations in south Florida depends on where you are.
Just in time for the 2006 hurricane season... A radio with a crank!

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For example:

  • If you are close to WAXY (790), it might prevent you from getting ZNS-3 (810).
  • In Palm Beach County, WBZT (1230) might prevent you from getting ZNS-2 (1240).
  • In northern Broward County, WEXY (1520) might prevent you from getting ZNS-1 (1540).

Just turning or moving your radio might help.

There are also FM and TV stations in the Bahamas, but you're unlikely to pick them up in Florida without special equipment or unusual conditions.

You can find out more about ZNS and other Caribbean radio and TV stations in the 2007 edition of the World Radio TV Handbook 2007: The Directory of Global Broadcasting (WRTH).

I'm A Long-Time ZNS Fan

I've been a ZNS fan and a radio geek since I was a teenager. I wrote the following about ZNS in 1971, as part of Radio News, in the Hollywood Herald and North Dade Herald-Crier.
1971 item about ZNS radio

I wrote this in 1971

I first listened to ZNS-1 when I was a teenager, in the late 1960s or early 70s. I even wrote to their deejay Kirby Brooks, whose name I recognized from Miami's WGBS (710), where he had been employed previously. (I think I still have his reply ... somewhere!)

Of course, there will be more about ZNS in future editions of Radio News.

Enjoy listening!


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What Does ZNS
Stand For?

Like many stations around the world, ZNS's call letters DO stand for something:
Zephyr (breeze)

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