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South Florida Radio History:

WFTL Radio -- "Live 85"
850 kHz AM (formerly 1400)

West Palm Beach, Florida

This page first posted on Univox June 2005.

(updated August 2006)

Since 1946: W F T L

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(June 12, 2005) ... Why has WFTL's web site ( been down so many months -- and with hardly any info even before that?

We don't know but here's some enjoyable reading about WFTL and its personalities (past and present) -- to read as you listen.

Books by WFTL talkers are in the left column. Please click on the books for more info and, if you buy them, go through the links on this page to help support this site.

This article was written in 2005 and only minor changes (mostly layout) have been made when moving it to our new site.

Since 1946, WFTL, THE station identified with Broward County, had been an "adult music" station. But they were also the ones with the local news and election results (straight from the courthouse lobby) that the Miami TV and radio stations barely reported.

Then, in the early 1990s, WFTL became a talk station, with Hot Talk and then SuperTalk under several owners, including King Paul (of Monarch Dodge) and Steve Kane.

For decades, WFTL 1400 had been on the "big corner" of Oakland Park Boulevard and North Federal Highway in Fort Lauderdale, on the second floor of the Times Square Shopping Center.

Then WFTL spent many more years in Fort Lauderdale, on NW 21st Avenue, before a new owner moved it to north Dade.
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And then another new owner (James Crystal) changed the frequency to 850 and the city of license to West Palm Beach, breaking its last meager link to greater Fort Lauderdale. They now transmit from about ten miles south of South Bay, way out near Lake Okeechobee. Studios are located on North Andrews Avenue in Fort Lauderdale, in the same building as that Jaguar dealer you can see from I-95.

Other people have written a lot more about our historic Fort Lauderdale station, from its music era and its talk era. Here are some examples:

From the 2003 Pre-New-Years-Eve WJNA cruise.

Left to right: bandleader Gary Lawrence, WFTL personality Joyce Kaufman,
and WJNA deejay Chuck Zink.

Gary Lawrence was music director of the WLQY Music Of Your Life
Orchestra and bandleader of the WFTL Orchestra.
See Gary Lawrence and his Sizzling Syncopators.

Web sites of WFTL alumni:

If you contact them, please tell 'em you found 'em here!
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Dave McBride's CD:
A Nail in the Head

Did you hear Dave McBride's funny radio essays when he was on WFTL (850), "Live 85"? (He's kinda like CBS's Andy Rooney except handsomer, younger, and much tongue-in-cheekier.)

Now you can order your own copy of Dave McBride's CD, A Nail in the Head, a shiny compilation of the 32 most-requested classic commentaries from his years on Chicago radio. (Wouldn't fit on an 8-track.)

The Chicago Sun-Times called Dave "Chicago's wittiest radio essayist". (Personally, I think Dave's talents were wasted on these short items. He should have his own talk show.)

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Dave McBride's CD
You can listen to sample tracks on many CDs at Including this one.
LISTEN: Dave McBride reports on
Gary Lawrence's
Florida Songs

(Not on the CD)

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Bob Gordon's Autobiography:
Invisible Tears

When the Sun-Sentinel kicked off a Radio Superstar Election, searching for south Florida's most popular morning radio personality, WFTL's Bob Gordon threw his hat in the ring.... and won!

Now, retired TV weatherman and deejay Bob Gordon, a favorite on WQAM, WFUN, WINZ, WWOK, and WFTL, among others, has written his autobiography: Invisible Tears: How Do You Keep the Music Playing?

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