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South Florida Radio History

The South Florida Radio History files including this file are being updated. This temporary file has basically the same info, but doesn't list the missing files.

There are approximately 50 more history files to be updated and moved!

New Year 2007 Radio News
Twenty-two topics include WKAT Flip To Christian Talk, Castro Apologist On Brokered Miami Radio, Coka-Lani, NPR, Consolidation Is Killing Radio, Paul Cavanaugh & Gerrard Campbell, Metropolitan Opera, Reader Poll, NPR Toast of The Nation, Larry King, Radio Marti, 2006: A Brief Review, Adam Clatsoff, Weatherman versus Cockroach, FAU Jewish Music Archive, City Link Awards, Todd Schnitt & Cindy Sheehan, Buzz Bake Sale, Canada Calling, Air America, Jon Sommers, and Ed Bell's South Florida Arts Beat.

December Radio News
11th Anniversary Edition
Includes Rick Shaw, She's Only Rock 'N Roll Dot Com, Radio Letter To Santa, Corey Deitz, Bubbles and Bones, Ital K, Jay Foster's Health Connection CD Recommendations From Dar and Tamara, and much more.

WMKL "The Call"
Tracks Down Pirate Radio Stations

(December 2, 2006) ... To paraphrase Mark Twain, everyone complains about pirate radio but no one does anything about it. Until Rob Robbins, President/GM of Miami-area Christian music radio station WMKL 91.7, The Call... Rob gets things done. Read about it in the newest addition to South Florida Radio History.

November Radio News
Among other things, November Radio News tells about the 96X reunion that Stu Elliott (pictured below) is planning! Plus... News/Talk Station Ignore Local Elections, Ex-WJNA Fans Find WSVU, WPBZ Buzz Bake Sale, Alice's Restaurant, Doo-Wop on WXEL, Dave McBride Saturday Show, Courtney Young, Tammy Bruce, Free Talk Live, Ed Bell's South Florida Arts Beat, Scammers on Kreyol WLQY, HD on Cox, Clear Channel Keys Stations, Radio Pages Anniversary, WMEN & WJNA, and Grundig Radios.

"Unforgettable" WJNA Flips To Become "ManTalk 640" WMEN
Written and posted within 24 hours after the unannounced change, this article includes much more info than you'll find on the useless WMEN web site, even months later.

October Radio News
Includes Eric Brandon's Wife Swap experience, Changes at WFTL & WJNA, Kenny's Back, Budell @ Reunion, Majic Flip, Michael Savage on 9/11/2006, WIRK Site, Gary Lawrence/Tiny Tim Video, WEDR & WIRK Deejays Arrested, Deena Lang, Dream Doctor,,, Steve Harvey, Arturo Sandoval, Prairie Home Companion, BoreAmerica, Jim DeFede, Footy's Bubbles & Bones, Y-100 in Wikipedia, Un-Smooth Jazz, and WFTL Outs Gubernatorial Candidate.

August 20 EXTRA Edition Radio News
Includes CBS and Clear Channel HD Multicasts, FCC Comments, WFTL Site.

August 2006 Radio News
Topics include: Adam Bomb Leaves Y-100 For Atlanta, Bill O'Reilly's Latest Book: Culture Warrior, Dinner with Todd Schnitt, Eddy Edwards' Caribbean Riddims, Josh's Radio Blog, Long-Time WFTL 1400 Fans, Memories of Elvis On Stage, Miami Dolphins Radio Network, Mickey Miller Leaves WJNA, Opie and Anthony on The Buzz, Savage's Political Zoo, The Miami Sound Analyzed, Twice The Chill on Love94, WEDR Rally Against Crime, What Do Radio Station Call Letters Mean?, WIOD Named Broward's Official Emergency Station, WJNA Adds Music Of Your Life, and Ed Bell's South Florida Arts Beat.

Parton Me!
true story
by Greg Budell

This is Greg Budell's tale, previously published in Parkland Life magazine, about when he emceed Dolly Parton (for WAXY-FM) at the Dade County Youth Fair, 1982.

July 2006 Radio News
If you didn't see July Radio News yet, it included: Eric Brandon Will Be On Wife Swap, You May Be Broadcasting Illegally And Not Even Know It, Rick Shaw Celebrates 50th Anniversary on Radio, Golden Oldies Still Heard Evenings On WJNA, Mark Levin Joins WIOD, Wink Martindale Joins WJNA, Former ESPN Now Caribbean MYSTIK 1400, New CD From WEDR's DJ Khaled, WOLL-FM's Mo Foster Named Man of the Year, Stephanie Miller Joins WINZ Talk, Deena Lang Leaves Coast FM, Sirius' Chris Rathaus (Formerly of WRMF, WJNO, & WQAM) Dies of Cancer, Jim DeFede To Get Another Radio Show, WEDR Marketing Conference, Dance Music Returning To Miami, and Just Like The Miami Heat Did, Big 105.9's Paul & Young Ron (& Fans) Destroy The Maverick.

May 2006 Radio News
May Radio News includes these major stories: WMIB's Star & Buc Wild canned, Footy retires from Y-100 after 32 years, WPBR's Dick Farrel hosts sleazy brokered show on WJNA, Nostalgic Top-40 Radio T-Shirts from RadioLogoLand, Eleven radio Station Awards from New Times magazine, Phil Hendrie to quit radio, bulletin board launched, and Dr. Laura Does Boca. Plus new books by radio personalities Neal Boortz, Randi Rhodes, Mike Savage, Andre Eggelletion, and Dave McBride. And short items about Indian and Jewish music, Jefferson-Pilot, Chris MacDonald's upcoming live show, the World Radio TV Handbook, WMXJ, and ZNS Radio Bahamas.

Neil Rogers Censured by Hollywood City Commission, 1987

History of WGMA, 1967-79

Hurricane Info on South Florida Radio



Rock & South Florida Radio
by Rick Shaw

ZNS Radio Bahamas

Stations Changing Frequencies
by Alan Diskin

Happy 30th Birthday WTMI

Guest Deejay on WFUN

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