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MAY 2006: SECTION 1 of 6 ⇒ Footy Retires ♦ Dil Ki Awaz ♦ Shalom South Florida ♦ Radio Pages Move ♦ Schnitt

Footy "Retires" From Y-100
After 32 Years

Right to left, that's Footy, Froggy, Carolina, and Michael 
Yo, at Offerdahl's in Weston, on Footy's last 
Right to left, that's Footy, Froggy, Carolina, and Michael Yo, at Offerdahl's in Weston, on Footy's last day.

(Miramar, FL -- May 5, 2006) ... Althought he's not really retiring, John "Footy" Kross is happily leaving Clear Channel's WHYI-FM "Y-100.7" airwaves, where he's been for his entire broadcasting life -- unheard of in this business.

HONORING SOUTH FLORIDA'S Y-100 RADIO STATION AND JOHN KROSS -- (House of Representatives - April 09, 2003)

(Ms. ROS-LEHTINEN asked and was given permission to address the House for 1 minute and to revise and extend her remarks.)

Ms. ROS-LEHTINEN. Mr. Speaker, on this great day, as we celebrate the freedom of the Iraqi people and continue the international war against terrorism, let us also continue our war against domestic drug abuse. And because of their valiant cause against substance abuse, I would like to take this opportunity to recognize south Florida's Y-100 radio station and John Kross, known as ``Footy,'' for this weekend's upcoming 16th Annual Wing Ding.

This annual charity event benefits Here's Help, Incorporated, a private, non-profit, comprehensive youth drug and alcohol treatment facility in south Florida. This important grass-roots effort seeks to combat the menace of drug abuse among the most vulnerable members of our society, our young people.

Here's Help has made an invaluable contribution to protecting the dignity and the innocence of the youth of south Florida.

I ask my colleagues to join me in thanking Y-100 and Footy for their unwavering commitment to our precious south Florida young people, as well as for the patriotic support that the radio station Y-100 has given to our Armed Forces throughout Iraqi Freedom.

His strange nickname came about when, early in his career, he was reporting sports scores on Y-100 -- so they called him Athlete's Foot. Good-natured guy that he is, he apparently didn't mind being named after a fungus.

Footy will stay with Clear Channel and will continue to work with his favorite charity, Here's Help. At right is what Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen said, to honor Footy and Here's Help, before Congress, three years ago -->

Footy's final broadcast, from Offerdahl's in Weston, was the end of a week of reminiscing and remote broadcasts. The much-heralded announcemnet had come at 7 AM Monday morning.

Footy isn't going to fade from the public consciousness -- or the web -- any time soon. His web sites include FootMerica.com and HelpFL.com (Here's Help). KennyAndFooty.com is up there, too, but it just echoes the Clear Channel web site for WHYI.

As CEO of Here's help, Footy will continue to be involved in charities. Events are planned. The Bubbles & Bones Gala, historically the kickoff of Wing Ding, will be November 3 at the Westin Diplomat Hotel. About the Wing Ding, Rixys Diaz of Here's Help said "we're not sure yet... stay tuned."

The legendary Footy's sauces are still available, at Publix and online, in three flavors: Wing, Hot, and Tropical BBQ.

You can also buy Footy's Hot Sauce at either of Footy's URL's linked above. The ill-fated restaurants weren't Footy's, says Ms. Diaz. "They just used his name."

What about future projects with Clear Channel? Footy isn't sure about that yet, adds Diaz. "we're still negotiating."

WHSR Radio Intern Starts Charitable Project

(Deerfield Beach, FL -- May 16, 2006) ... Jasmine Baboolal, intern for Dil Ki Awaz, an Indian music program heard on WHSR, has devised a charitable project to benefit children of the Caribbean.
Trinidad and Tobago Soccer Ball

Trinidad and Tobago Soccer Ball

(Click Image)
Our Price:$10.00

"I’m currently working on a project for my International Baccalaureate diploma at Deerfield Beach High School" says Jasmine. "Each project must have an effect on the world."

Ms. Baboolal has collected some items like school supplies and girls' accessories for shelters and orphanages in the two-island country of Trinidad and Tobago, but what is needed most of all is money, "because its easier for me to buy items that the childrens' homes need directly." She will personally deliver the items during her summer break in June.

A special account at Wachovia Bank has been set up for all money donations. Money can be directly depoisted into the Trinidad Orphanage Fund. Account number 1010145456388. If you have any questions please call her at (954) 428-4178.
120 X 60 Banner 1

Dil Ki Awaz is heard Saturdays from 1:30 'til 3:30 PM on Beasley's WHSR 980.

English Proclaimed the Official Language
of The Schnitt Show

(Tampa, FL -- May 19, 2006) ... Some political hacks are protesting the designation of English (the official language of California, Virginia, among others) as the national language by Congress, calling it "racist" of all things!

Therefore Todd Schnitt started today's show, which originates at Clear Channel's WFLA in Tampa, by proclaiming that English is the Official Language of The Schnitt Show. Although there has never been a need to designate it as such, English is also the de facto official language of this web site, too -- although there are a few small parts en Espanol.

Schnitt is heard from 3 'til 6 PM on WIOD 610 and several other stations.

South Florida
Radio Pages
Move to New Site,
After 10½ Years
Serving S. Fla.

(Broward County, FL -- May 15, 2006) ... The South Florida Radio Pages are moving to their own domain, RadioPages.net, after ten and a half years at Univox.com. One might say the site originated 35 years ago this spring, when webmaster David Citron started writing about radio -- as a college student! (Some of these articles are online.)
NOTE: some links won't work until all pages are moved and updated. Site map will return soon.

Every page of the estimated 100 will be updated and debugged as necessary. Some redundant and outdated pages will be archived and eliminated.

The first pages to be moved were ZNS Radio Bahamas (one of the most popular) and Hurricane Info On South Florida Radio, which is now being updated for Hurricane Season 2006. Radio News editions from 2003 to 2005 will be next, followed by Radio History files.

RadioPages.net will continue to be hosted by Univox.

South Florida Radio Pages 8th Annigersary Mug!

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Domain Names for Sale - Afternic

Shalom South Florida
Featured in

Roni's Jewish music program, Shalom South Florida, was featured in an article in the April 16th edition of the Sun-Sentinel. Shalom South Florida is heard on James Crystal's WLVJ 1040 Sundays from 9 'til 10 AM.

The popular program, hosted by Roni, features Chassidic, Israeli, and Yiddish music -- including comedy and parodies -- as well as Jewish news and other items of interest to this large market.

Read the story by Carol Anne Burger, Radio show host provides forum for Jewish music.

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MAY 2006: SECTION 2 of 6 ⇒ WQAM & WFUN T-Shirts ♦ Radio Bahamas ♦ WMIB Star Goes Wild ♦ Hendrie Quits

Good Ol'
WQAM Tiger Radio
On Your T-Shirt!

(May 12, 2006) ... The RadioLogoLand Store has a great new nostalgic idea to dress us aging radio geeks and fanatics: shirts and caps (and lots of other stuff) with the logos of popular stations of bygone days -- from all over the US and Canada and several other countries.


WQAM Tiger


WMCA Good Guys



And it was all started around Thanksgiving 2005 -- by a radio fan just like you and I.

"I was a kid in San Bernardino interested in radio" says Jim deYong, imaginative founder of RadioLogoLand.com. "I listened to KMEN. KMEN was a great Top 40 station in San Bernardino/Riverside, California in 1962. A lot of famous guys went through that station... I was a really bad disk jockey."

Years later, when a friend started a KMEN tribute web site. deYong was surprised that the site able to use the station logo. After a little research satisfied him that was OK, he started making a few T-shirts for his fellow fans.

"Top 40 radio in the 50s, 60s, and 70s was something far more personal to the listener and far more exciting than radio today" opines deYong. True... and if you've followed this site long, you know I was just as fanatical about classical WTMI since 1971.

Right now, it's just Top-40 AM stations on his shirts, caps, mugs and stuff, but he gets new requests every day. There's enough variety to please just about anyone who ever was a Top-40 fan. The RadioLogoLand Store features all kinds of merchandise with logos from 220 Top 40 stations across the country and around the world. They include virtually all the important, historic stations in most of the major markets.

Especially the biggest markets. For Alan Diskin, that might be a WMCA Good Guys shirt. For Shel Swartz (retired from WPBR), maybe a WRKO bumper sticker.

But for millions (OK: hundreds, even thousands) of south Floridians, this could bring back the rivalry between Tiger Radio WQAM 560 and its South Miami rival, Top-40 station WFUN 790. Too bad Food & Fun Fair on 79th Street Causeway is gone!

Mousepads, stickers, caps, mugs, tote bags, sweatshirts -- you name it. There are dozens of custom-imprinted items for each station. Pictured above are a WQAM shirt and a WFUN cap.

There are also items for fans of other Florida former Top-40 stations WAPE (Jacksonville) and WLOF Orlando).

WAPE? KQV? Of course. Some stations, like WABC and WCFL, even have multiple designs. All designs are carefully researched for authenticity.

I'd bet Joey Reynolds (heard overnights on WFTL) would dig a huge WKBW mug, for coffee to go with his homemade cheesecake! Inexplicably, notes deYong, WKBW stuff is among the most popular. The Buffalo station had changed it call to WWKB and played oldies for three years until recently switching to become an Air America affiliate. But that doesn't explain it: WKBW memoribilia were popular before the switch.

"Everyone grew up listening to some station" says deYong. "They have an attachment to that station that people who grew up in other markets will never understand. I feel that way about KMEN. You feel that way about WKBW. Those of us who are into radio share a passion that those who aren't into it can never understand. I've received thousands of emails from other radio fanatics, including a lot of big names in the radio business. It's been very gratifying."

For more Top-40 nostalgia, see Rick Shaw Remembers The Good Ol' Days on WQAM Tiger Radio and Guest Deejay on Top-40 WFUN, South Miami

Phil Hendrie to Quit Radio

(May, 2006) ... Phil Hendrie, host of a strange one-man syndicated talk show featuring outrageous phony guests, is starring in a new comedy TV show, Teachers, which debuted in April on NBC.

Although Hendrie was planning to use the TV show to help promote his radio show, he has instead announced that he will quit radio as of June.

Hendrie has been a guest star on numerous TV shows (mostly Fox shows like Futurama and King of the Hill) and played a Chechnyan Terrorist in Team America - World Police. He is currently heard on WIOD from 10 PM 'til 1 AM weekdays and WJNO,

NY Urban "Star"
Sent To Showers

(New York, NY -- May 12, 2006) ... Two days after he was appropriately canned, self-styled hater Troj Torain, the “Star” in Clear Channel's syndicated urban Star and Buc Wild Show (heard locally on Clear Channel's WMIB-FM "The Beat"), apologized to the victims of his on-air threats.

Torain had been fired May 10 for threatening the wife and daughter of rival NYC radio personality DJ Envy of Emmis R&B/hip-hop WQHT. Torain then issued a statement on through his attorney.

The "Star" of his show, a foul-mouthed bigot who calls calls his originally-titled philosophy "Objective Hate" (as reported previously last year in Radio News), Torain has never been appropriate for listening the in the Miami market. Or for any market in which racial tensions are easily incited. Or in any market in which people are concerned about their children, who may be listening during morning drive.

Bring back the Baka Boyz to WMIB. Send this trash back to the streets, where he can only incite hate among the people within shouting distance. This lowlife scum doesn't deserve a microphone, much less a gig on radio.

Rob Williams of Clear Channel in NYC said "103.5 The Beat finds recent remarks broadcast by Troi Torain of the Star & Buc Wild Morning Show to be wholly unacceptable. As of May 10, 2006, he is no longer with 103.5 The Beat or Clear Channel Radio. We sincerely apologize to those who may have been offended by his remarks." Good riddance and it's about time.

For more info, see the Billboard story, WWPR New York's Fired Morning 'Star' Apologizes.

Buy This Bumper Sticker!

Since then, Torain has been arrested on charges of harassment and endangering the welfare of a child, after a hate crime investigation. He had allegedly threatened the child on the air and offered $500 to find out where she went to school.

See Billboard's follow-up story, Former 'Power' Jock Arrested.

Torain is the author of Raise Your Own F**ING Kids: A Reality Check from Star and Buc Wild. So, ironically, he's getting his own long-overdue reality check right now.

ZNS Radio Bahamas

If you've never listened to the AM BCB stations from a foreign country that comes in like a local station, check out ZNS Radio Bahamas.


Miami Radio Sucks! I Listen to ZNS Radio Bahamas sleeveless shirt

Maybe you're not a old fan of WFUN or WQAM. Here are some items you can buy from current South Florida stations.


Remember the "whippersnapper" Talk Radiooo editorial cartoon about (not from) WJNA and WFTL from June 2005 Radio News? You can get it on a T-shirt!






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MAY 2006: SECTION 3 of 6 ⇒ New Times Miami and Broward/Palm Beach Radio Awards

New Times Radio Awards

(Miami, FL -- May 11, 2006) ... Village Voice Media, the national chain of "alternative" magazines that publishes NYC's Village Voice, publishes two editions in southeast Florida: Miami New Times and New Times Broward.Palm Beach.

This week both editions published hundreds of "Best Of" awards, several of which related to radio. Following are the highlights and some commentary.


Best AM Radio Personality: WAXY's Dan LeBatard ... LeBatard is heard on WAXY 790 from 4 'til 7 PM daily. New Times calls it "the most entertaining talk-radio show in town" mainly because it's "only half a sports talk show" -- also encompassing pop culture. Sounds like an interesting guy. "Most frequently addressed topics include Chewbacca, Santería, and, again, Chuck Norris."

Best FM Radio Personality: WMIB's Prince Markie Dee ... The Prince is heard on The Beat at 103.5 from 2 'til 6 PM weekdays. "Aficionados of the old school will recognize him as an original member of The Fat Boys."

Best Spanish-Language Radio Personality: WWFE's Raquel Regalado ... Regalado's one-hour talk show is heard weekdays from 10 'til 11 AM on La Poderosa 670. "She is the tenacious, sharp radio show host of Lo Que Otros No Dicen, a title that literally means what others won't say." (New Times may have gotten a literal translation from Altavista, but the station translates it as "The Inside Scoop," FYI.)

Best Local Boy Gone to Heaven: Charles "Skipper Chuck" Zink ... Long a fixture in the south Florida media, Skipper Chuck was most recently heard on WJNA until he retired in 2005. "To call The Skipper Chuck Show popular would be an understatement."

Best Jazz Radio Program: WDNA-FM's Jazzumentary ... Miami's serious jazz station (as opposed to smooth jazz) truly deserves this recognition. "The great thing about Jazzumentary, which you can hear from 7 to 8 PM every weekday on 88.9 FM, is that it changes format, rotating one of five different syndicated shows every day." (WDNA has recently completed its pledge drive, but they'll still gladly accept your donations.)

Best Radio Station WRGP: FIU's WRGP 88.1 ... The student station has a weak signal. But it's worth the extra effort to tune in (or visit it online).

Best Rock Radio Program: Middays with Naughty Natalia on WHDR 93.1 ... Before 93 Rock, Natalia Delacruz had been at its predecessor, party station WPYM... the short-lived station that replaced classical WTMI at the end of 2001. "She's gained popularity as one of the ladies leading the hot rocker chick pack."

Best Reggae Radio Program: ___ ... Unfortunately, this was awarded to a program on a pirate station. Considering that several legal stations play reggae, this was a breach of their journalistic responsibility.

Reggae and Ska Twin Pack


Best AM Radio Personality Pat Montague ... the "PM" of Princess PM Promotions, heard mainly on Caribbean station WAVS 1170 since format changes on other stations. Montague is deserving of recognition, of course, but you gotta wonder, between the brokered pill peddlers and the syndicated talk, Montague and Steve Kane and the folks at WJNA may be just about the ONLY local weekday AM personalities left. "In these dim radio days, when a live human being and a malleable playlist is rarer than a white rhino, someone like Miss Pat is a savior."
Readers' Choice was Neil Rogers, WQAM 560. Why am I not surprised? Maybe that's why Miami New Times didn't have Readers' Choice Awards.

Best FM Radio Personality: WLRN's Joseph Cooper ... Cooper is host of Topical Currents, WLRN's daily public affairs interview show, from 1 'til 2 PM, Monday through Thursday, on 91.3. Agreed, Cooper no Howard Stern. But he presents intelligent talk. You can actually learn something. "If everybody got his daily dose of Cooper, the world would be a better place."
Readers' Choice was Paul Castronovo, WBGG-FM 105.9 (Big 105.9).

Best FM Radio Station: WLRN-91.3 ... "But the publicly-financed WLRN remains an oasis from the commercial combine, where you get a whole lot more than the solid NPR stuff. I can't really disagree too strenuously, but you guys should have been listening back when WLRN had much more local content and much less canned NPR stuff -- When there was lunchtime jazz and Caribbean music after midnight seven nights a week. WLRN's best and most innovative times are behind it, unfortunately. They also mention Ed Bell and Len Pace, two talented old-timers who have been around LRN since it was in the attic (yes, attic) of the old Lindsey Hopkins Building, former headquarters of the Dade School board. Back when there was more local content and creativity and less NPR.
Readers' Choice was WHDR-FM 93.1 (93 Rock).

Your purchase helps support the South Florida Radio Pages! Thank you!

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MAY 2006: SECTION 4 of 6 ⇒ Jefferson-Pilot ♦ Eric Brandon ♦ New Books From Talkers ♦ WRTH

Boortz Breaks Records in Paperback:

The Fair Tax Book : Saying Goodbye
to the Income Tax and the IRS

(Atlanta, GA -- May 11, 2006) ... The paperback edition of Neal Boortz's popular Fair Tax Book, which debuted just last week, is already breaking records.
At the beginning of his show today, Boortz eagerly said:

"Yesterday we got the first numbers for sales of the soft cover edition of The FairTax Book. We debuted as No. 3! Now, a little historical perspective. In the 1950's Nobel Peace Prize winner Elie Weisel's book "Night" debuted as No 1. on the New York Times paperback list. Then in 1966 Truman Capote's "In Cold Blood" debuted as No. 2. Now, in 2006, The Fair Tax Book debuts as No. 3! This is the highest first week for a paperback in 40 years!"

Although list price for the paperback is $14.95, Amazon.com is selling the best-seller for $9.72. (It's eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25.)

This week, Boortz says he is reading The Da Vinci Code, Special Illustrated Edition, and some people are telling him he'll go to hell for reading it!

Boortz is heard locally from noon 'til 3 weekdays on WFTL 850.

Dave McBride's Podcast & Forthcoming Book

What's newsman/commentator/deejay Dave McBride (formerly at WJNA and WFTL since leaving Chicago) doing these days?

"I wrote a breezy little Florida-style mystery novel and am shopping around for a literary agent now" says Dave. Plus working part-time at WJNO. And even podcasting a bit.

Until his book is published, you can listen to Dave's latest raves, basically an amusing podcast of the kind of commentary you used to hear him say on WFTL, but with music. Dave doesn't have archives, so listen to this one quickly before he uploads a new one -- which he may do any day now!

Of course, Dave's CD, A Nail in the Head, is still available, per the box below; it's on a CD because it wouldn't fit on an 8-track.

DAVE MCBRIDE: A Nail in the HeadDAVE MCBRIDE: A Nail in the Head

Called "Chicago's wittiest radio essayist" by the Chicago Sun-Times, these 32 most-requested classics from the treasury of Dave's Raves provide cerebal excursions down meandering tributaries of his stream of consciousness.

Buy the CD

You can listen to sample tracks on many CDs at CDbaby.com. Note that it's eligible for CDbaby.com's Special $5 Sale. (Find Dave under Spoken Word/Comedy.) Pick three or nore CDs from this group and they're just $5 each. (Or you can buy three copies of Dave's CD -- the other two for gifts to other radio geeks or McBride fans.)

Eggelletion Book Promoted on Radio

(May 13, 2006) ... Andre Michael Eggelletion's book about the Federal Reserve, Thieves in the Temple: America Under the Federal Reserve System is being heavily pronoted on radio. The controversial Eggelletion was a talker on WSRF "Mystik 1580" before its recent format change.

But if you're interested in a readable "one sitting" book about free-market economics without the political posturing, I highly recommend Economics in One Lesson: The Shortest and Surest Way to Understand Basic Economics by Henry Hazlitt.

World Radio TV Handbook 2006

If all this talk radio stuff bores you, maybe you're a radio DXer at heart -- listening to stations all over the world. If so, you need the 60th anniversary edition of the World Radio TV Handbook WRTH: The Directory of Global Broadcasting, the most comprehensive source available on medium wave, shortwave, FM broadcast, and television broadcast information.

Already got yours? You can pre-order the 2007 edition today: World Radio TV Handbook 2007.

More Syndicated Talk Show Book News:
Michael Savage and Randi Rhodes

While Neal Boortz attacks the tax system, two other talkers are attacking the folks across the aisle in this election year.

Conservative talker Michael Savage's latest book, The Political Zoo, was published in hardcover last month. It lampoons folks like Howard Dean and the Clintons. Animalistic caricatures included at no extra charge.

Savage is heard locally from 6 'til 9 PM weekdays on WFTL 850 and WKAT 1360.

Meanwhile, Air America star Randi Rhodes' first book, The Encyclopedia of Republican Hypocrites, goes to press in three months (but you CAN order now).

Buy Air
America Stuff!
I was starting to worry about Randi: two years as a national talker with no book published. Maybe waiting for a release date just three months before the November election was intentional?

Outspoken liberal talker Rhodes, who had been a local talker on Miami's WIOD and later WPB's WJNO before going national, is heard locally from 6 'til 9 PM weekdays on WINZ 940 and WJNO 1230.

Jefferson-Pilot Stations Become Lincoln Financial;
Eric Brandon Gone

Jefferson-Pilot, the company that has entertained us with WMXJ (Majic 102.7), WLYF-FM (Lite 101.5), and WAXY 790 for years, is no more -- swallowed by another company.

Lincoln Financial Group is the new corporate name. Majic has a new logo, too, rolled out at about the same time.

In other Majic news, long-time lunchtime guy Chef Eric Brandon is gone, reportedly as a cost-cutting measure. We'll miss ya, big guy! "Chef Eric Brandon is great Talent, and made Majic sparkle" said Scott Felten, retired Radio Marti broadcast engineer.

Assistant Program Director and Music Director Mindy Lang is holding down the fort from 10 'til 2 now.

If you're nostalgic for Chef Eric's four-ingredient recipes, however, you're in luck:

Digital FM Transmitter For Your iPod, MP3 Player, Radio and More

Digital FM Transmitter For Your iPod, MP3 Player, Radio and More

Finding the right way to connect your radio, MP3 player, or even a computer, to a stereo system can be time consuming and frustrating. This Digital FM Transmitter lets you send a signal from any audio source to any radio easily, and without wires. Use it to send a satellite radio signal, MP3 audio, and more, to nearby radios around your home or workplace, even in your car. The FM Transmitter is simple to use. Just plug the Transmitter into the headphone jack or line out of any audio device and set the frequency of choice (88-108 MHz). You?re now free to listen to streaming audio from your computer in any room, not just where your computer is. Listen to portable devices without the need for headphones. It has an approximate line-of-sight range of 30'. Walls and metal objects will reduce this range.

Your purchase helps support the South Florida Radio Pages! Thank you!

American Red Cross Hand Crank Emergency Radio

MAY 2006: SECTION 5 of 6 ⇒ Dick Farrel ♦ RadioInsight.com ♦ Dr. Laura ♦ Chris MacDonald ♦ Summer Talk

Bahamas Banner

WPBR's Dick "Green Eyes" Farrel Hustles Mail-Order Brides
on Brokered WJNA Show

Dancer Poles
Butterfield Blooms

(West Palm Beach, FL -- May 15, 2006) ... WPBR's conservative morning talker Dick "Green Eyes" Farrel is involved in a sleazy on-the-air venture that suggests that his "family values" are all talk. Jose Lambiet's Palm Beach Post column Sunday told of the other side of Farrel: the Club Party-Party brokered program on WJNA that charges members up to $4999 to meet Lithuanian women on visas.

Funny thing is, I've listened to part of the show a couple of times but didn't even know ol' Green Eyes was involved. The show was just too putrid to listen for more than a few minutes. (That's my excuse for not knowing.) I assumed the hosts were just a couple of dirty old men -- garden variety sleazeballs from the Neil Rogers mold. Beavis and Butthead with a drool-proof microphone.
Banner 10000024

"Radio talker Dick Farrel likes to push the envelope. But on his new late-night show, critics say he's going too far" says Lambiet. "Fridays and Saturdays since February, Farrel gets behind the mike of WJNA-AM 640 from 11 p.m. to midnight to hawk a startup private club for men that promises companionship with a never-ending supply of Lithuanian beauties."

Read the story, Radio host makes waves hawking hookups.

Lambiet continues "The Party-Party Hour, which features discussions about the budding club between songs, is co-hosted by retired lawyer and felon Bob Kratage. He buys the airtime for $600 per weekend."

The most significant part of the story to me: Before money-hungry WJNA decided that brokering the time was more lucrative, the nostalgic and family-friendly Alan Diskin Show was in this slot. Even Clear Channel isn't quite that greedy!

The other Dick Farrel Show is heard weekdays from 7 'til 9 AM on WPBR 1340.

Chris MacDonald: Live On Stage
and at Emilio's Restaurant, Too!

Chris MacDonald and his sister, Holly, after the show at Emilio's.

(Lauderhill, FL -- May 1,2006) ... Last week, WJNA personality and Elvis tribute artist Chris MacDonald performed at a new neighborhood Italian restaurant, Emilio's (7240 W. Commercial Blvd.) in northwest Lauderhill, for an intimate performance to help his sister's employer. He took requests and walked around the dining room and sang to people, with a keyboard accompaniment... it was like seeing The King. Kinda reminds you of Elvis's legendary generosity.

I enjoyed my dinner and will go back again. (But let's not get carried away. This is Radio News, not a restaurant review!)

In August, Chris MacDonald will be back on the big stage at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts in Ft. Lauderdale. For one night only, August 19, MacDonald will pay tribute to an All-American Legend in a truly dynamic performance complete with costumes, dancers and high-energy concert band.

Chris sings to diners at Emilio's Italian Restaurant.

Chris has performed in the famous Legends in Concert stage productions throughout the country and has also appeared with Elvis' own original back up group, The Jordanaires. Adding to the authenticity of his tribute, this experienced and energetic entertainer has the honor of being the exclusive contract performer for Elvis Presley Enterprises at Graceland's Heartbreak Hotel for seven consecutive years.

A talented and charismatic performer, Chris captures the sound and stage persona of Elvis Presley and recreates the excitement of an Elvis concert in his Tribute to the King. For more information, go to ChrisMacDonaldsElvis.com.

Chris MacDonald's Memories of Elvis is heard Sunday nights from 9 'til 10 on WJNA 640.

Dr. Laura Does Boca

(Boca Raton, FL -- May 15, 2006) ... Dr. Laura Schlessinger spent part of last weekend in Boca, promoting her latest book, Bad Childhood---Good Life : How to Blossom and Thrive in Spite of an Unhappy Childhood, which was published in January.

She spoke at FAU and appeared to autograph books at a local bookstore.

Dr. Laura's publishers are keeping busy, too. The paperback edition of Woman Power: Transform Your Man, Your Marriage, Your Life was just published in April. The paperback reprint edition of The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands will be published in September.

Dr. Laura is heard locally on WFTL 850, mornings from 9 'til noon.

RadioInsight.com Launched

A new radio-related bulletin board was launched last month, RadioInsight.com. It is the logical successor to the highly-regarded old Radio Info board, and run by the same team.

RadioInsight.com includes dozens of boards on a number of topics, for different audiences. There are boards for radio professionals and radio hobbyists, for different formats and different markets, in addition to nationwide boards.

Use the following link to go right to the board for the Miami and Palm Beach markets:

Tell 'em you heard about it here!

Summer Talk Radio Prediction

Summer is just weeks away, and November elections just a few months later. So it's not a risky prediction that Al Gore's new global warming book, An Inconvenient Truth, will be a HOT topic (pun intended) on talk radio.

There's also a movie, but the big question is, will it be in the dollar theatres or on DVD first? The secondary question: does the book presage a presidential casmpaign in 2008?

Emergency Radio Lamp

MAY 2006: SECTION 6 of 6 ⇒ Greg Budell's Back ♦ WSWN's Phil Haire Dies

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Greg Budell's
Back at WJNA

(May 16, 2006) ... After a hiatus of more than a year in the hinterlands of Alabama, of all places, Chicago native Greg Budell is back on the Gold Coast, doing afternoons at James Crystal's WJNA 640, as only he can do.

He returned to our air one day in early March and I was shocked to hear his "This is Budelda Marcos" commercial for a local mega-shoe store one night that week during Jon Sommers' oldies show on WJNA. I was looking for an emergency room at the time and I almost lost it!

"I like the focus of the station now, and the freedom I have during my time slot" says Budell. "James Crystal Radio Group is an old-fashioned company in a very critical aspect -- they are broadcasters and still believe in the value of a personality."

"I feel for Eric Brandon, cut one day shy of his 20th anniversary. That's the way the industry is now .. gigs are few and far between and most pay nothing. Fewer yet really have fun on the air. By the time I retire, personality radio will be extinct (as we once knew it)."

Meanwhile ex-sidekick Don Agony (now Don Anthony) is still doing news for Clear Channel. I just heard him on WIOD 610 during Schnitt today.

Watch for as couple of interesting historic items from Greg Budell, coming to SFRH very soon.

WSWN's Phil Haire
Dies at 84

(Belle Glade, FL -- April 15, 2006) ... Phil Haire of "Sugar 900" WSWN radio has died post-surgery, just days before what would have been his 85th birthday. A Clewiston resident, he was always active in this agricultural community on Lake Okeechobee.

"For 57 years, he was the man behind this Glades institution, a veteran broadcasting executive whose gruff exterior belied his passionate commitment to this racially mixed and often economically troubled community -- and his unswerving faith in radio as the medium that could best bring it together" said the Palm Beach Post.

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