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DEC. 2006: SECTION 1 of 4 ⇒ Rich Shaw To Retire in 2007 · Radio History
Mike Reineri Tribute Site · 'Stump In My Rump' Deejays Suspended

A Day That Will Live in Radio History

(December 7, 2006) ... Sixty-five years ago today was the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, a sad day that will live in infamy.

But eleven years ago today was a nicer occasion, the birth of the South Florida Radio Pages.

For the second half of this year I have been updting and moving old files to this new site at There are at least sixty more files to be worked on, so keep visiting often.

BTW, the new and improved Radio History page will be up next week, so check back again soon!


Love (w/ Bonus DVD)

Love (w/ Bonus DVD)

Track Listing 1. Because 2. Get Back 3. Glass Onion 4. Eleanor Rigby Julia (Transition) 5. I Am The Walrus 6. I Want To Hold Your Hand 7. Drive My Car/The Word/What You re Doing 8. Gnik Nus 9. Something Blue Jay Way (Transition) 10. Being For The Benefit of Mr. Kite!/I Want You (She s So Heavy)/Helter Skelter 11. Help! 12. Blackbird/Yesterday 13. Strawberry Fields Forever 14. Within You Without You/Tomorrow Never Knows 15. Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds 16. Octopus s Garden 17. Lady Madonna 18. Here Comes The Sun The Inner Light (Transition) 19. Come Together/Dear Prudence Cry Baby Cry (Transition) 20. Revolution 21. Back In The U.S.S.R. 22. While My Guitar Gently Weeps 23. A Day In The Life 24. Hey Jude 25. Sgt. Pepper s Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise) 26. All You Need Is Love Check out our Beatlemania store featuring great prices on the Fab Four catalog here.


The return
of SHE

Majic's Rick Shaw To Retire in 2007

(December 2, 2006) ... If you live anywhere in southeast Florida, you've probably already heard plenty about 50-year radio veteran Rick Shaw's earthshaking announcement Tuesday that he will retire early next year, as soon as a replacement is found.

As if anyone could replace the legendary Rick Shaw! Not many deejays have become a legend at three different rock & roll radio stations in the same market, in the same lifetime.
More About Rick Shaw, who was originally known as Jim Hummel:
See the RadioLogoLand Store for shirts and stuff from hundreds of old Top-40 stations, including Miami's WQAM and WFUN.
(See sidebar.)

But why now? "Well it's time [to retire] and I know." said Shaw in his official statement. "I am going to retire. Getting up at 4 in the morning becomes more of a chore at age 68. I have no more mountains to climb... I achieved the highest radio rating in the history of the market in 1964 with a 54 share. Been there...done's time. I will stay on until a new partner for Donna is found." Read all of Rick Shaw's Announcement on the Majic 102.7 web site.

"It is possible that Rick is leaving because he has had enough 4 AM'ers in his lifetime." wonders former 96X deejay Stuart Elliott. "BUT... Have you ever thought that since Lincoln Financial gave Eric Brandon his walking papers, that it's possible that they're giving Rick the chance to bow out gracefully? With the way the market is crumbling, and the radio hog ownerships are tightening their belts (Voice Tracking, $10 an hour jocks, so on and so forth), I wouldn't be suprised that cutting alot of the big buck'd announcers is just another way to save a dollar."

"It seems strangely familiar. I remember it as if it were earlier this year." says The Major. "Kenny Walker is suddenly fired from Y-100. Several months later the legendary Footy announces his 'retirement' after 32 years at the station.
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He 'retires' at the end of that same week after a week-long celebration. Whether Rick Shaw is being forced out or if it really is entirely his decision he is truly a South Florida radio legend. If a Hall-Of-Fame existed for such legends then Rick Shaw and Footy should have their own walls within it."

"Regardless..." adds Stuart. "I've had the privlage to work with Rick when the former owners of Y-100, Metroplex Communications, LMA'd WAXY 106FM many moons ago. He's always been quite the consumate broadcaster, and what ever he decides to do, I wish him nothing but the best!"

I think Stuart speaks for all of us.

Will Rick Shaw have a royal sendoff from Lincoln Financial like Footy had on Clear Channel's Y-100? We'll see.

Stuart Elliott announced the 96X Reunion in
November Radio News

Deejays Claim 'Stump In My Rump'
Holiday Comedy Song Got Them Suspended

(December 1, 2006) ...Two popular Brevard radio personalities told their audience that their mysterious suspension earlier this year involved the playing of Bob Rivers' song, "Who Put the Stump in My Rump," according to a story on the web site.

The song, sung from the point of view of an angel atop a tree, may have offended listeners. Maybe it's inspired by the punchline of the corny old joke in which the angel asks an exasperated Santa where he should put the tree. But the lyrics read more like a rock 'n roll parody:

Who put the stump
In my rump-ba-bump-ba-bump?
Who took and jammed it
In my ram-a-lam-a-ding dong?

The song is available on Bob Rivers' CD, Chipmunks Roasting on an Open Fire.

Read the story related by deejays Lisa Moldovan and Timmy Vee, 'Rump' Song Got Us Suspended, Central Florida DJs Say.

More Funny Stuff

Mike Reineri Tribute Site

(December 2, 2006) ... I recently discovered a Mike Reineri tribute web site that I hadn't seen before: In Memory of ... Mike_Reineri. It was created by Steve Zeigler, who's part of the staff on the syndicated high-tech radio show, Into Tomorrow.

Reineri, who died in 2003, had been on WJNA, WIOD, and several other stations in this market.

The site includes photos and audio clips of Mike and other WIOD folks from the good ol' days.... and lots more.

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DEC. 2006: SECTION 2 of 4 ⇒ She's Only Rock 'n Roll dotcom
Dear Santa, Part 1 · Corey Deitz · WMKL Tracks Down Pirates


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Taylor Morgan's Radio Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

I know this request sounds impossible, but could you please bring back OLD radio? I mean bring back the days when jocks could actually pick their own songs? The days when jocks could actually have a personality in dayparts other than morning drive? The days where, when someone made a request, it actually got played within the hour, instead recorded into a 360 and aired, like, two days later when the song pops up in rotation.

For YEARS before corporate radio took over, jocks were actually allowed to have a brain and pick their own music within their format. Do you remember those days, Santa? This made for some GREAT segues...and WAY less repetition...and more ACTUAL variety!!
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Imagine Cousin Brucie or Wolfman Jack or Rick Dees having to sit there and play repeat after repeat after repeat of the same old songs that "test" well according to the consultants! ARGHHH! Imagine all of the GREAT songs and artists that NEVER would have been discovered had this way of thinking always been in play.

I, for one, can't listen to FM radio any more. The repetition is absolutely ridiculous. If I hear "It's Raining Men" one more time on KOOL 105.5, Santa, I swear I'm gonna go down to the station and shoot the computer with the BB gun you gave me for my 10th Christmas.

Thank you, Santa. And if you can't bring back "old radio", please bring me a Sirius receiver.

Taylor Morgan
West Palm Beach

Also see Radio Letters To Santa and Taylor's Second Radio Letter To Santa.

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She's Only Rock 'n Roll ... Is Back!

(Fort Lauderdale, FL -- December 4, 2006) ... With the possible exception of WQAM Tiger Radio, probably the most remembered south Florida radio slogan of bygone days must be She's Only Rock 'n Roll, the mantra of rock station WSHE-FM for several decades and an ubiquitous sticker.
Possibly the most-missed station, too.

Unfortunately, the former WSHE has fallen on hard times lately, being successively known as Planet Radio, Mega 103.5, and The Beat in recent years. (Have I forgotten anyone?) The formerly great WSHE is now just another underperforming nag in Clear Channel's overcrowded Miami-Fort Lauderdale market stable, in Miramar.

The legendary WSHE Radio is fondly remembered for playing classic rock on 103.5 for over 30 years in South Florida. Remember Pirates' World?

Now former Miami deejay Alan Michaels is bringing the slogan back, with the classic rock we remember so well, as a new web radio station,

"I was Miami's youngest deejay" says Alan. He started at a station in Immokalee and then Don Wright hired him for WFUN. Since then he was been at stations like WHYI (Y-100), WINZ, WOCN, WBSS (Blue Suede Radio), WGBS, WNWS, WLVE (Love 94), and even WCKO-FM (K-102), until getting into web radio. Alan's friend and Music Director Marty Berstell, who programs the station, worked at WMYQ and WIOD/WAIA in the 70's and before that he worked at WABC in New York. He was a producer for "the biggest names in New York Radio."
Record Streaming Video. Click here to learn how!

Although this site is mostly about AM and FM radio, and not web radio, Alan's long pedigree in Miami broadcasting makes this a story of interest to radio geeks, rockers, and historians alike. And Alan is working on some anecdotes about Miami radio history for a future edition of Radio News.

WMKL "The Call" Tracks Down
Pirate Radio Stations

(Key Largo, FL ... December 4, 2006) ... To paraphrase Mark Twain, everyone complains about pirate radio stations but no one does anything about it.
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stickers rule

Until Rob Robbins, President/GM of Miami-area Christian music radio station "The Call" WMKL 91.7, that is... Rob gets things done!

Rob and his staff have tracked down and shut down (with police help) numerous pirates in Dade and Broward interfering with his transmissions on 91.7 MHz.

Read about it (and see the pictures) in the newest addition to South Florida Radio History: WMKL "The Call" Tracks Down Pirate Radio Stations.

Corey Deitz is About Radio

Corey Deitz has been on BOTH the air AND the Internet longer than just about anyone I know.

Corey and his partner are heard mornings on KDJE-FM in Little Rock.

Corey started radioEARTH in 1994 (when I was still using a shell account).

Ten years ago, in December 1996, when the web was still a rare novelty, the one-year-old South Florida Radio Pages reported: "Late NewsFlash from Corey Deitz: Ah! The new URL for Cyberjock(tm) is radioEARTH(tm) http[obsolete URL removed].

But... for years now, Corey has had a much bigger site,, and there's always something new and interesting about radio there.

Corey wrote about the world of Radio in The Cash Cage, published in 2004. He says "If you're interested in Radio and what the business is really like, my book will fascinate you. If you're planning to pursue a Radio career, The Cash Cage will enlighten you. If you are already in Radio, my book will make you nod your head and think to yourself, 'Yep. Finally somebody put it into words.'"

This week, Corey describes What Might Happen If Santa Hired A Radio Consultant.


DEC. 2006: SECTION 3 of 4 ⇒ Dear Santa, Part 2

Radio Letters To Santa

My Wish List

Three years ago, the South Florida Radio Pages posted its first Radio Letter To Santa. Since Santa apparently didn't get the message, we asked the folks on the Miami Board of and some other friends to contribute their own ideas, for a much longer list -- 47 items!!!

Here are the requests. I hope Santa is reading this!

(If you are looking for a specific item, please note that this list was slightly rearranged since it was posted on 12/7.)

  1. "Dear Santa... Let the Disc Jockeys actually broadcast their shows LIVE, not voice track!" -- Stuart Elliott

    The South Florida Radio Pages need your support!

    Please click the button above to donate via PayPal.
    Thank you!
    Santa: If you're looking at a printout of this list, it's part of December Radio News in the South Florida Radio Pages,
  2. "Could you please tell all the nice folks who enjoy this site that they can help keep the Radio Pages going by clicking on the icon at the right to contribute. (And that they can do all their holiday shopping via the links to and other companies!) -- From the 2003 letter to Santa
  3. "Bring back local radio." -- Alan Michaels
  4. "When Rick Shaw gets tired of his upcoming retirement, give him a syndicated oldies show featuring the great years of Rock & Roll BEFORE the Beatles, starting with Earth Angel" -- David
  5. "Clear Channel, Salem, NPR, and James Crystal should dump most of those extremist syndicated talkers (like Glenn Beck, Randi Rhodes, Al Franken, Bill O'Reilly, and all the NPR talkers) in favor of mostly local talk." -- David
    Never too late to shop for Gift Certificates
  6. "Make South Florida Radio enjoyable to listen to again." - Stuart Elliott
  7. "For nostalgia/adult station WSVU 960 and old school/R&B station WJBW-FM 106.3, a signal that reaches all of Broward." -- David
  8. "Please, Santa, PLEASE give us the old Power 96 back. A true Miami-feeling rhythmic station that plays rap, pop and dance. Give us The Late Night Laboratory, live party broadcasts from South Florida's hottest clubs every night of the week, a morning show that actually puts on a show, 15-minute "Traffic Jam" mixes every half-hour during the AM and PM drives (not just at 5 PM) and jocks that actually have personality. Please, Santa, return Miami's Party Station to us!" -- Josh C.
  9. "We Baby Boomers are not dead. Please, Santa, give us a station that plays the oldies of the 50s and early 60s. We want to hear Doo-Wop, R&B, good ol' rock 'n' roll .... without mixing in music of the 70s, 80s & 90s. We are a financially stable market. We purchase high-end items from your advertisers. Let's have more of Ken Held's Doo-Wop Shop. Thank you, Santa Baby." -- Hedy in West Palm Beach

    For Ozzy
  10. "WFTL should carry Free Talk Live, which can now be heard on just two stations in Florida." -- David
  11. "I would love a Dance only (not HD2) music station, that plays nothing but the best Dance,Trance, Freestyle, Techno etc.. after all, Miami is dance/club music based. not hip hop." -- Ozzy
  12. "Please put a different format on the failing 94.9 WMGE FM." -- Kevin
  13. "We really need a full-time classical station on FM." -- David
  14. "How about the FCC overturning the Telecommunications Act of 1996 and finally re-create media ownership limits. It is coming up for a vote again." -- Brasco
  15. "Please make the big companies stop hogging up all the radio stations and give the little guys a chance....again." - Stuart Elliott
  16. "Craig Crossman could really use a station that will feature his ComputerAmerica show LIVE in the same weeknight timeslot used everywhere else." - From the 2003 letter to Santa
  17. "WDNA needs much more power while WLRN needs much less of its politically- correct NPR talk and more of the music that made it so popular." -- From the 2003 letter to Santa
  18. "Please bring WMXJ a better definition of oldies. (I'd suggest it for WOLL, too, but I think they've abandoned the concept of oldies altogether.)" - From the 2003 letter to Santa
  19. "Give the AM's a chance to survive by boosting them all to 50,000 KW non-directional night and day." - Stuart Elliott
  20. "The folks at James Crystal desperately need websites that work and that have some worthwhile information about their programming." - From the 2003 letter to Santa (The stations may be different but the web sites aren't much better than three years ago.)
  21. "A return to the south Florida airwaves for Doctor Demento, after ten dull years without him." -- David
  22. "For WKIS and WIRK, a little perspective. They don't seem to know that there was country music before John Travolta re-popularized it." - From the 2003 letter to Santa
  23. "Neal Boortz on WFTL again!!!!" -- David
  24. "Allow DJ's to be creative like they once were, not liner card readers." - Stuart Elliott
  25. "A nice cushy radio gig in Toronto for Neil Rogers, so we can have a local show in his current morning slot on WQAM." -- David
  26. "Turn the idiotic "ManTalk 640" WMEN into a pillar of salt -- or get some non-stupid content." -- David
  27. "For everyone who likes talk, how about a station with all local news and talk and no infomercials or syndicated shows? (Just like the old WFTL 1400 used to be, a few owners ago.) After all, there must be 100 news stories every day more significant to Floridians than Laci Peterson or Michael Jackson!" - From the 2003 letter to Santa
    New from Paul Shanklin,
    as heard on Rush Limbaugh:
  28. "A big clue for the people at WLRN who think folks want to listen to BBC news overnight on weekends instead of hot Caribbean music. Anyone who's that crazy about the Beeb can easily listen on the web or shortwave. And besides, BBC isn't the impartial broadcaster it once was. That's ancient history." -- David
  29. "Please expand the playlist on Big 105.9. Classic Rock stations tend to overplay the same songs over and over again. They're burnt out and need a rest!" -- Kevin
  30. Santa, I need a copy of Randi Rhodes' very late to press book Encyclopedia of Republican Hypocrites, please (if it is ever published), so I can see if they're any worse than the hypocrites on her own team." -- David
  31. "Beasley needs someone to tell them about the glory days of WWNN in the 1990s when it provided something unique to listeners and made national news as The Motivation Station...

    Remember The Motivation Station?

    rather than just providing cheezy round-the-clock brokered programming as it does now." - From the 2003 letter to Santa
  32. "Put Ken Held's Doo-Wop Shop back on Majic 102.7, which has a decent signal. Forget WLVJ." -- David
  33. "Do we really need four Hip Hop/R&B stations in Miami? Power 96, 99Jamz, 1035 The Beat and Hot 105. I think 2 would be just fine. One station playing the currents and the other station playing the classics, just think of how much more variety on the FM dial we would have." -- Ozzy
  34. "Bring back Len Pace's 1990s pan (steel drum) program on WLRN and give Ed Bell a jazz show again, to replace some of thaw awful NPR stuff." -- David
  35. "For those stations whose deejays are always getting arrested, a better HR department to screen out the losers before they are hired. Because they're a very bad influence on the kids who listen." -- David
  36. "I would love to have an all-90s hits station. Coast 97.3 and Lite FM are both fighting for who's better 80s and or who's softer. The majority of 90's music is ignored largely. I just want to hear all the hits from the 90s." -- Ozzy
  37. "Get Congress and the FCC a really good radio (maybe a GE Superadio III) so they can analyze the lousy choices for listeners when so few companies control so many of the radio stations in a market like this one. Get them a bunch of clues, too. They need it!" - From the 2003 letter to Santa
  38. "How about an entertaining non-political morning show that isn't full of time-wasting BS like celebrity gossip, horoscopes, phone pranks, and what was on TV last night? Save that talk for the water cooler." -- David
  39. "Take away syndicated morning shows and make them all local as they should be." - Stuart Elliott
  40. "For all those brokered pill-peddlers on the air, we need a requirement for live shows only, so knowledgeable listeners can call in and correct their misrepresentation of scientific facts!" - From the 2003 letter to Santa
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  41. "The 110th Congress should impose ownership limits -- two stations for any of the top 100 markets and one station elsewhere -- to undo the damage huge companies like Clear Channel have done to the medium by limiting listeners' choices. I'm assuming that these politicians are sincerely in favor of giving people choices, like they always say they are." -- David
  42. "Bring back Captain Brian." -- Alan Michaels
  43. "Please give Clear Channel a clue that Miamians are sophisticated enough for a real jazz station, and wouldn't listen to that pap pabulum called smooth jazz if they knew there was a choice." - From the 2003 letter to Santa
  44. "There are many English formats that could have done better in this market (after 94.9 flipped to Spanish). We dont need more Spanish music we need more English format variety" -- Ozzy
  45. "Santa, we need more readers to enjoy the South Florida Radio Pages in our 12th year and tell their friends... and to buy stuff from the links.
    And more people to contribute their news and insights for Radio News -- and maybe even donate some money, too!" -- David
  46. "Steve Kane and Brian Craig urgently need some lessons in religious tolerance from someone more open-minded than either the Taliban or GLSEN could ever be." -- - From the 2003 letter to Santa
  47. Also, please see Taylor Morgan's Radio Letter To Santa and Taylor's Second Radio Letter To Santa, also on this page. Don't miss it!
  48. "Thanks, Santa, for finally giving newsman and commentator Dave McBride his own show (Saturday mornings, 6 to 9 AM on WJNO 1290), as requested in 2003. Finally! (I just wish it wasn't so early.)" -- David
My Wish List

Santa, if you can't help with any of the above requests by radio fans, maybe you can help with my own wish list, at left!

DEC. 2006: SECTION 4 of 4 ⇒ Bubbles & Bones WrapUp · Ital K
WSVU To The Rescue · Chanukah Music · Jay Foster's Health Connection · FCC

More Station Ownership Controversy At FCC

(Washington, DC -- November 23, 2006) ...The FCC's media ownership review erupted into new controversy Wednesday as its Media Bureau announced it would launch ten ownership issue studies, drawing a quick attack from the two Democratic commissioners.

Commissioners Michael Copps and Jonathan Adelstein suggested they weren't fully consulted and that the FCC was timed the announcement for Thanksgiving eve to downplay a key element in the media review.

Read the TV Week article, FCC Ownership Review Sparks Controversy

Support This Site

Bubbles & Bones

(Miami, FL -- November 30, 2006) ... Here's Help, the long-time project of John "Footy" Kross, raised $300,000.00 with the 2006 edition of the Bubbles & Bones Gala, November 3rd.

For more info about B&B, see

Chanukah Show

(December 10, 2006) ... While Christmas music has been heard on every station for a few weeks already, Chanukah music is a bit harder to find.

Shalom South Florida presents two special programs of Chanukah music this year, Sunday December 10th and 17th, from 9 'til 10 AM, on WLVJ 1040. The program is hosted by Roni.

More of Ital K

(Miami, FL -- November 28, 2006) ... WLRN's Ital K recently visited Jamaica and he's now on Sounds Of The Caribbean two nights a week instead of one, per recent Radio News in South Florida Reggae Manifest.

Listen to Ital K Wednesday and Friday mornings from 1 'til 5 AM.

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WSVU To The Rescue

(North Palm Beach, FL -- December 7, 2006) ... "Seaview 960" WSVU, the deus ex machina for ex-WJNA listeners, didn't start out that way.

Owners Jim Martin and Trisha Woods had no inside information that James Crystal was going to "blow up" the station in October, leaving fans looking for a new home. It was just luck. "WJNA created a nice little niche for us to come in with adult standards" says general sales manager Art Colucci about the brand new station.

After starting the station with 100% Westwood One satellite feeds recently, they brought in local radio and TV veteran Jim Jackson on December 4th, for the 6-to-10 AM morning drive show Morning View With Jim Jackson.

Jackson loves it. "We don't have playlist. I haven't broadcast without a playlist since 1974!" He points out that "the #1 buyers of american music is males over 45." So his choice of daily tunes will serve the ignored over-45 segment of the market and the advertisers who want to reach them.

Don't expect to hear much of WSVU in Broward, however. Their signal is pointing north from the Palm Beaches, into Martin County. They have 1250 Watts day and just 250 at night. "We want to be the local community radio station" says Colucci.

If you're not in the Palm Beaches or points north, you'll be hearing a Cuban news and propaganda station, Radio Reloj (radio clock) on that frequency at night. Easy to identify, they have a ticking clock in the background and a chime every minute.

Don't despair. Go to, click on the link, and you'll hear "Great songs and great memories" on Seaview 960. The rest of their web site will come soon.

Related Story: WJNA Becomes WMEN

Jay Foster's Health Connection

(December 3, 2006) ... Jay Foster's Health Connection, formerly heard on Classical WKAT, can now be heard seven days a week on WLVJ at 10 AM, repeated at 8 PM.

Unlike most programs of this type, Foster isn't selling patent medicines or supplements (at least not directly). Instead, their major sponsor is a health testing service in Dadeland. I've already learned a useful bit about nutrition from the show since rediscovering it.

Jay Foster discusses nutrition and health on Health Connection Radio, with a different topic every day. I'm listening to his discussion of osteoporosis right now.

You can listen to Foster's "Best Of" shows online at

Amazingly, WLVJ's pathetic web site doesn't even have a link to

DEC. 2006: SECTION 5 of 5 ⇒ South Florida Arts Beat
CD Recommendations From Dar and Tamara

Tamara G Recommends

Tamara G is back! She returned to "Coast" WFLC 97.3 to be one of The Two Girls In The Morning on November 13, after having left in January to become the Morning Show co-host at WTPS 1080.

She says "I'm back -- I just can't seem to leave this building!!!" She originally started at 99 Jamz in 1997-2004, then was at Coast from August 2005 to January 2006.

Tamara recommends the following CDs for your holiday shopping:

Dar Recommends

For 13 years Dar McCauley has been host of what may be the most popular show on Broward's most obscure station: Sunday Blues With Dar on WKPX 88.5, the station at Piper High School. Her elaborate blues web site is

Dar recommends the following CDs for your holiday shopping:

  • Do I Move You?, Janiva Magness... Janiva is the 2006 Blues Music Award winner for best female.
  • Below the Fold, Otis Taylor
  • Dare You to Do It Again, Jessie Mae Hemphill ... The CD and DVD are filled with a cast of musicians from several genres and it is one of Jessie Mae's last recordings. For Jessie Mae fans it is a must.
  • Reiter In, Chris Whitley and the Bastard Club ... Chris Whitley's final recordings and perhaps his most genius ever.
  • And the ultimate holiday gift for blues fans would be tickets for two on the Legendary Rhythm and Blues Cruise!

Ed Bell's South Florida Arts Beat:
December 2006 Schedule

Coming up on WLRN's South Florida Arts Beat (SFAB), Fridays at 1 PM on 91.3 FM.

Friday, December 1st

  • South Florida’s premiere international art event, Art Basel, embraces Miami for its fifth year featuring art presentations December 7th through the 10th. Bob Goodman has all of the exciting event details.
  • Executive Director of ArtCenter/South Florida, Jeremy Chestler along with curators Francesco LoCastro and Sam Borkson talk about exhibitions coming to Lincoln Road.
  • Our entertainment calendar features Broward County events with Jody Horne-Leshinsky.

Friday, December 8th

  • You might recall his pictures from Bob Dylan’s Nashville Skyline album or from the covers of pivotal Rock recordings by The Band and Van Morrison. Photographer Elliott Landy captured the essence of those creative times and joins us with his son Bo Landy. Their exhibition runs through January at Michael Joseph’s Artists Haven Gallery in Ft. Lauderdale.
  • Classical arts contributor Charles Greenfield, speaks with Master Chorale guiding light, Dr. Jo-Michael Scheibe about their exciting season.
  • Our entertainment calendar and The Radio Buzz with Buzz Fleischman wrap up the show.

Friday, December 15th

  • Another live musical performance rocks our downtown Miami studios. To herald their new CD, HotRodSexGod, the Hep Cat Boo Daddies perform their latest tunes to a worldwide audience on WLRN. This show is generously sponsored in part by Pollo Tropical.

Friday, December 22nd

  • Executive Director Bill Banchs brings us up to date on the National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts. Their annual Arts Week presentations take place in January.
  • Film contributor Dan Hudak delivers his top ten, year end review.
  • Broadway Across America brings Spamalot to South Florida. We’ll get an inside look at Monty Python’s hysterical play.
  • Our events calendar and humorist Buzz Fleischman of The Radio Buzz conclude the show.

Friday, December 29th

  • Ilana Vardy discusses the 17th annual Art Miami and its impact on the South Florida art environment. The cast of the annual, satirical parade, The King Mango Strut, bring their act to radio. Information, puns and new tunes abound to tickle your funny bone.

Coming to SFAB in 2007!

  • Future guests and segments include a live performance by Jazz vocalist Allan Harris, Edward Villella/Miami City Ballet, Freddick Bratcher, The Cleveland Symphony broadcasts on WLRN, Miami Beach’s Art Deco Festival, Elizabeth Williams & Dorothy Fields/The Black Archives, Jazz pianist Jean-Michel Pilc, Bill “The Sauce Boss” Wharton performs for the Hollywood Mardi Gras and much, much more.

DEC. 2006: SECTION 6 of 6 ⇒ Season's Greetings
Dear Santa, Part 3 · Gift Ideas

David Citron
And The
South Florida
Radio Pages

Gift Suggestions

If we ever get talk on South Florida FMs, this Creative Zen V Plus MP3 player/FM receiver will be just what you need. I'm thinking about buying it, too, while wishing for the return of oldies or classical to our airwaves.

ZEN V Plus 4 GB

ZEN V Plus 4 GB

ZEN V Plus is so tiny that it will fit into almost any pocket--jackets, purses and more. But don't let the size fool you. ZEN V Plus is packed with all the great features you desire. Fill your tiny ZEN V Plus with up to 2,000 songs. Pull out your CD collection and rip your albums. Log on to the Internet and browse different music services for the songs you want. Download your favorite songs without paying for the whole album. The 4 GB comes in Black/Blue.

Hurricane season starts June 1.

So look at the The American Red Cross Crank-Radio Collection by Eton, below, too.

Excellent annual directory of world radio. I've been buying it for years!

World Radio TV Handbook 2007: The Directory of Global Broadcasting

World Radio TV Handbook 2007: The Directory of Global Broadcasting

No Synopsis Available

The following actually came in the day after December Radio News was posted, but I was still editing the file.

I liked it so much I added a section for it.

Taylor Morgan's SECOND
Radio Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

As much as I love Christmas, could you please tell the people who run the radio stations that start their Christmas music before THANKSGIVING that they are IDIOTS?????

I love Christmas songs but here I am writing to you on December 8th and I am so burnt out on Christmas songs already. 3 or 4 an hour is plenty up until a week or two before Christmas, and then they can play on to their hearts content. Everyone I talk to feels the same way.

Their strategy is backfiring, Santa. Everyone wants to be the FIRST station in the market to go "All Christmas". What's gonna happen next year, they start at Halloween just so they can beat the other guy to it? I'm finding myself listening to RMF much more than SUNNY or KOOL these days, because the latter two stations have already exhausted the Christmas playlist 50 times over!!!

Love ya, Santa, but I don't want to get sick of hearing your name a month before your big day!

Yours Truly,
Taylor Morgan

Also see Radio Letters To Santa and Taylor's First Radio Letter To Santa. Carleton Sheets Apple iTunes Toshiba - Netflix, Inc.

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